Window Films

We can offer window films for a variety of applications, ranging from frosted privacy film to UV reduction film. We have an experienced installation and estimating team for the supplying and fitting of our film, who are happy to discuss your various options and also to show you samples.

We most commonly deal in frosted privacy film - a simple and elegant way to provide the appearance of sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost. This film is a great way to ensure total privacy, however at the loss of any view through the glass it will still allow daylight through. An alternative to this is a one way mirrored film, however, as this film works on a light based principle, it is only effective during daylight hours, as when it is dark outside, the inside becomes visible as it is lighter on the inside.


We can also supply and install film to help reduce solar heat. One very popular application for this film is conservatory roofs - allowing our customers to retain the light coming in to the room, but also cuts down on the heat in the room, which can often be unbearable. In addition to this, we can also offer UV reduction film, which cuts UV light by 99% and will reduce fading on furniture, fabric or paintings, this is commonly used by museums and shops who need to display things which may be in direct sunlight or by a customer wishing to reduce fading in cloths in a dressing room or pictures and furniture. It is also useful for those who are sensitive to UV light.

This type of Solar Film can also be used in offices and Restaurants to reduce glare.

Manifestation in glazed public areas or office buildings can be of various designs or just plain dots there are a choice of sizes and colours we install them all.

Supply Only or Full Installation Service Available